Cast and Crew

I have so many blessing in my life in the form of my wonderful family. They are my true inspiration for everything I do. At any given time any or all of them might be in the kitchen helping, tasting, or just hanging out. So let me introduce them to you.

My handsome "baby boy" Seth

My wonderfully wacky and gorgeous girl Jessi

Jessi and Poppa Bob (my Daddy)

My sweet boyfriend and Sous Chef

There are of course the family members of the 4 footed variety that are ever so helpful by sitting at our feet hoping we will drop something while we cook.

Mr Munch as a kitten
See he is already looking for someone to drop something

Angel aka "The Pwetty Pwincess"

The "Uberdoggy" Barney

and last but certainly not least, Ginger aka The Gremlin Doggy